Jakarta Must Change, Before Too Late

By November 7, 2012Article

jakartaBOGOR, KOMPAS.com – Election of Governor and Deputy Governor of the citizens of Jakarta on Wednesday (7/11/2012) can bring fresh air to the city of Jakarta and its inhabitants. However, behind the celebration of democracy that is being celebrated by its citizens, the City of Jakarta is experiencing a much more urgent problem.

Jakarta is not only the center dealing with social problems, but also have to deal with the increasingly severe environmental damage. The reduced ground level and flooding is a small example of the problems resulting from development are not integrated Jakarta.

As a form of attention, Center for Advanced Research and Interdiciplinary (ICIAR)-LIPI and the Institute for Environment and Human Security, United Nations University (UNU-EHS) held meetings and discussions in Building Conservation, Bogor Botanical Gardens, Thursday (07/12/2012). They discussed the development in the region that connects the urban and coastal areas.

In addition, the discussion in the dialogue also led to the feasibility of Jakarta as the capital of the country amid the ongoing challenges Jakarta.

In this meeting, the Head of LIPI Lukman Hakim said, “We look for opportunities in climate change. Seeing a disaster not only as a disaster but also saw an opportunity there. Have a look at Jakarta and Semarang have a similar problem. Today we discuss the vulnerability and resilience coastal areas. “

According to the Director-LIPI ICIAR January Sopaheluwakan, Jakarta is still worthy to become the country’s capital, Jakarta has long between environmental justice and social life, improvement of spatial planning, fulfillment kebutuhuhan food, water, and energy, and the latter is a social construction and healthy economy.

In this event, Jakarta compared with some other big cities in Indonesia and in other regions of the world are also located in the coastal areas.

Before too late, Jakarta should soon change. If not, the natural condition of Jakarta will continue to deteriorate, the population grew dense, and not only unfit to be the capital of this country, but it does not even deserve to live.

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