Biogeodynamics and Sustainable Environment

By January 9, 2013news

Programme Director : Prof. Dr. Endang Sukara
Participating Research Centers : Research Center for Biology, Research Center for Geotechnology, Research Center for Oceanography, Research Center for Limnology, Center for Plant Conservation, Center for Scientific Documentation and Information

This research programme addresses the intricate biosphere – geosphere – hydrosphere – atmosphere interactions by means of field observations, laboratory experimentation and modeling – simulation. On-going and future changes as a result of dynamic man – nature interaction are central in this research programme.
The scope of this programme will be on temporal and spatial monitoring, evaluating and predicting the future of our fragile tropical terrestrial and marine environment. This will lead to the identification and delineation of potential hazards and renewable resources to be taken care for the purpose of risk reduction as well as developing new environment-friendly technological breakthrough.
Research interest will include the recent and modern dynamics of the earth leading to natural hazards, natural as well as man-induced biodiversity losses, biogeochemistry of tropical environment, landscape changes and land cover conversion leading to pollution, threat to ecological integrity and increasing risk of climate change. The programme will need a substantial involvement of earth and aquatic sciences, life sciences and, to a lesser degree, social – humanity sciences and engineering sciences. The programme will be conducted basically through fundamental and advanced research with limited involvement of applied and policy research.

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