Intergenerational and Intersisciplinary Dialogue to Strengthen Role of Youth in Science and Technology in DRR – Padang, 3 May 2018

By June 29, 2018news

Padang, May 3, 2018

The discussion was held at Universitas Andalas Padang, West Sumatra. The discussion was attended by ICIAR-LIPI Team, Dr. Harkunti (Chairman of IABI), Prof. Syamsul Maarif from Universitas Pertahanan, Prof. Sugeng from BNPB, Ardhito Khodijat from UNESCO, Dr. Andi Eka Sekya, Prof. Dr. Jan Sopaheluwakan from I3URI as resource person, Unand Student, Community mentawai, and other Participants. The purpose of discussion on this day is to strengthen the role of young people in science and technology. The discussion also present flash talk related SFDRR, by:

  • Understanding Disaster risk by Dr. Rahma. Not everyone feels that all places in Indonesia are at risk of disaster. Science must be translated into the community and become material for policy.
  • Strengtening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk by Fajar. Volunteer-based youth organization, dismantled so that young children consern with disaster, the issue of earthquake mentawai as learning. The role and potential of young Indonesians is remarkable for the youth’s voices to be heard
  • Investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience by Kangen. No hunger and food resilience: bajamba; for food digitally. Applied apps make it possible to contribute residual food online, buy meals collectively, community and action forums.
  • Enhancing disaster preparedness for efective response and to build back better in recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction. Disaster alert communities, communicate to young people the importance of disaster issues. The networking of all issues is necessary. Building cohesiveness and working together to be applied in the community. Sectoral ego is always a problem and must be eliminated.

The speakers on this discussion is Prof. Dr. Jan Sopaheluwakan. He’s explaining about resilience, Uncertainty, Characteristics of the younger generation who migrate both physically and thoughtfully. He also explained that the investment disaster preparedness to save the community; not flirting with disaster, playing games. There is a gap between knowledge and wisdom. Disaster management is capital intensive, technology intensive. Sharing culture needs to be nurtured. Interdisciplinary need not be banged with specialization, still needed. It is also necessary to develop an inter-school curriculum, especially for disaster, has become a necessity now.

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