The Trilateral Meeting ICIAR LIPI – Universitas Indonesia – Macquarie University

By May 21, 2018news

 5 March 2018


The meeting was held at Meeting Room SWS LIPI Building 3rd floor  – Jakarta. The meeting was started by introduction of all meeting participants.  The meeting was then lead by Prof. Dr. Gadis Sri Haryani, Director of ICIAR LIPI.  Prof. Gadis shared the role of ICIAR LIPI, which act as facilitator in the development of the human resources capacity in research.  In the research school/Cotutelle program, ICIAR LIPI wish to have a technical agreement to make sure the candidate will finish the program timely and successfully.  Prof. Shawkat from Macquarie University share that for him, it is a very exciting moment to start this program.  This Cotutelle also provide opportunity to know each other more, which will pave way of engagements on professional collaboration among the three institutions. Although starting with particular departments or research centers, other research center can join in time. Dr. Arie Afriansyah from the University of Indonesia shared UI’s gratification for the invitation. UI is looking forward for the cooperation.  UI also welcome LIPI to join higher education programs in UI.  There might have differences in program and intake comparing with Macquarie University.  Those interested to have this Cotutelle program will individually be advices and informed, on what extend UI can help this program to run smoothly.  The law faculty is responsible to participate this program.  UI wishes to collaborate with more candidates.  Prof. Shawkat suggested to also advertise this scheme to potential researchers so this will be widely distributed, and can attract more researchers.








The results of the trilateral meeting covered by Journalists from Kompas with the title ‘LIPI Merintis Sekolah Riset’

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