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November 23-25, 2017


On November 23-25, 2017, the Science Council of Japan in cooperation with UNISDR, ICSU (International Council for Science), and IRDR (Integrated Research on Disaster Risk) organized the Global Forum on Science and Technology for Disaster Resilience in Tokyo, Japan. This global level meeting is a continuation of the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, in particular, the Science and Technology session of 2015 in Sendai, UNISDR International Science and Technology Conference in Geneva Switzerland 2016, and UNISDR Global Platform for DRR in Cancun Mexico in May 2017. (in this case, Irina Rafliana is present in all three global meetings.

The forum was organized to gain input from the world’s scientific community to provide guidance for the National Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction, as well as the development of the Periodic Synthesis Report to map the status and contribution of science and technology in disaster risk reduction. On this occasion, ICIAR LIPI serves as Co-Chair in one of the forum sessions, namely Priority 4: Build Back Better.In its discussion process, ICIAR LIPI emphasizes several issues, including the importance of support for interdisciplinary research, especially in developing countries. In addition, serious attention should be paid to strengthen the capacity of young scientists in disaster risk reduction efforts, including trans-generation and cross-border interactions. This is in line with the mission of ICIAR LIPI in strengthening human resources capacity especially young scientists on environmental issues and resilience (human security). The Global Forum produced a political statement ‘Tokyo Statement on Disaster Risk Science and technology committees -Actions for a disaster-resilient world.

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