Humanosphere Science School, and 7th international Symposium for Sustainable Humanosphere (ISSH)

By May 21, 2018news

1-2 November 2017         

This multi-discipline international workshop event was organized by Research Center for Biotechnology LIPI, covering a wide range of research interests on humanosphere, which included earth science, bioscience, forest science, applied science and socio-economic science.   The main theme this year raised attentions on earth and environmental sustainability.  Hundreds of presentations and posters were contributed to this event.  ICIAR LIPI also contributed to the event as  advisory board for the organizing committee (Director ICIAR LIPI, Prof. Dr. Gadis Sri Haryani), and associate editor for the submitted papers (Irina Rafliana, M.Si).  ICIAR also presented an oral presentation with the topic on “Science in Anxiety: Communicating Tsunami Risk in Mentawai Islands”

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