Discussion on Setting Up ICIAR Website, Research School Website and E-Learning Platform

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Agustus 18, 2017


The meeting was held at the Kusnoto-LIPI Bogor building and attended by ICIAR Team also by Rachmat Hidayat, Kom (Head of Data and Information BKHH-LIPI) as a resource person. Rachmat Hidayat, Kom explained about the website of Research School that has been made, which is rs.iciar.lipi.go.id. The meeting continued with a tutorial on how to process the website and add content on the web of Research School of ICIAR LIPI.



September 8, 2017

Discussion of ICIAR-LIPI’s E-Learning Research School Platform


The meeting was held at Kusnoto Building-LIPI, Bogor. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the issue of ICIAR web and E-learning Platform.

The Website of Research School Program was previously managed by the UNU, as the contract between TWINSEA with UNU ended, the ICIAR website was re-managed by ICIAR. Prof. Dr. Ir. Gadis Sri Haryani conveyed that ICIAR can apply E-Learning program for workshop event, Lecture Series, and other activities. ICIAR events attracted people to attend, so this E-learning program can work so that others can attend the workshop without having to come directly to where the workshop was held. The server and the staff who are responsible for the ICIAR web is the ICIAR team itself, for servers and others, it is necessary to set up IT personnel to assist configuration on the website (ICIAR Web and Research School Web). Prof. Dr. Ir. Gadis Sri Haryani has proposed to create an ICIAR IT Group on the Website for centralized system management and E-learning programs to be realized soon. In addition to the ICIAR Team, the meeting was attended by: Dr. Heru Susanto, MM, M.Sc – BOSDM LIPI; Koharudin, S.KOM – BOSDM LIPI; Rachmat Hidayat, S.Kom – BKHH LIPI; Yoga Satria Utama, S.Kom- LIPI General Bureau.

September 25, 2017

Further discussion of Platform E-Learning Research School ICIAR-LIPI

The meeting was held at Kusnoto Building, Bogor. Prof. Dr. Ir. Sri Haryani as the Director of ICIAR LIPI opened and explained about the concept of E-learning on Research School’s website and follow up the results of previous ICIAR and e-learning website meetings. ICIAR-LIPI has submitted Application Form for IT team to the Secretary of Main-LIPI, Head of Bureau of Organization and Human Resources (BOSDM) of LIPI and Head of Bureau of Cooperation, Law and Public Relations (BKHH) of LIPI.


ICIAR has two websites, the ICIAR website (iciar.lipi.go.id) and the Research School’s website (rs.iciar.lipi.go.id). Content on the ICIAR website contains general information on ICIAR and the results of activities that have been done. Content on the Research School website contains the concept of Research School and e-learning. ICIAR has the main task, namely to form a Research School which includes the calculation of semester credit units, assessment system and facilitate communication between mentors and candidates. This platform needs to be able to administer and document communication between mentors and students. The meeting was attended by Dr. HeruSusanto, MM, M.Sc – BOSDM LIPI; Koharudin, S.KOM – BOSDM LIPI; Rachmat Hidayat, S.Kom – BKHH LIPI; Ivan Faishal, ST – BKHH; Yoga Satria Utama, S.Kom- LIPI General Bureau, and ICIAR team.

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