Discussion with Vice-Rector of UNU EHS regarding the cooperation and follow up of LoI LIPI-UNU

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November 23, 2017



The discussion that was conducted with Prof. Jakob Rhyner, Vice Rector of UNU Europe / Director UNU EHS is associated with the Letter of Intent between LIPI and UNU EHS related to the less developed research school program. The discussion coincided with the implementation of the Global Forum for Science and Technology for Disaster Resilience in Tokyo, Japan where ICIAR and UNU EHS were also invited as Co-Chairs of the forum. There are at least two important issues discussed: the update of ICIAR LIPI activities and plans to complete the Letter of Intent LIPI-UNU EHS. In the LOI there are two main activities: (1). Research School Program related to strengthening the capacity of scientists for environmental issues and human security, and (2). Knowledge Transfer that involves the private sector/industry in research collaboration. As for Research School, the activities can still be run, meanwhile, for Knowledge Transfer and the involvement of private parties, this does not go quite smoothly. The involvement of the private sector in the third TWINSEA workshop in Jakarta did not bring concrete cooperation. Apart from that, there is a difference of motivation between research and business so it takes longer (can not just interact in one workshop only) to be able to build collaboration with private parties. Nevertheless, Prof. Jakob will discuss this with Prof. Torsten Schurmann (Universität Hannover).


Basically, the existing post-TWINSEA project resources are minimal. In the transition between TWINSEA and the present, the most realistic thing to do now is to encourage the best-qualified research school candidates to gain further education in Germany with communication to DAAD. UNU EHS cannot promise to contact universities in Germany, but they can provide recommendations using networks that are currently owned. UNU EHS will remain involved with the Historical Data to Enhance Understanding of Environment Crises project in the Indian Ocean World, with the University of Bonn being proposed along with universities and research institutes in Canada, where ICIAR LIPI is also preparing a letter of support related to this project. This project is still in submission stage. For UNU EHS, ICIAR LIPI is still the gateway to partnership outside UNU which is very important.

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