Collaboration of ICIAR LIPI and Macquarie University, Australia

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November 6 & 13, 2017


The meeting was held at SWS-LIPI Building in Jakarta. The discussion was opened by the Director of ICIAR LIPI, Prof. Dr. Gadis Sri Haryani, with the aim of discussing cooperation plan of ICIAR-LIPI with Macquarie University Australia. Macquarie University is Australia’s first university to apply the Cotutelle approach in joint research between research institutions and universities, including government institutions. This trilateral collaboration will be a model in its intensive research program. Macquarie offers scholarships to researchers from LIPI and is fully funded on the Macquarie site (1-1.5 years and $ 30,000 for allowance) as part of the Cotutelle program. Potential collaboration can be conducted with research workshops which can be done either at LIPI and/or at the Australian Embassy with an agreed topic of high concern. Follow up actions to be taken include working on other types of workshops that can be conducted with LIPI regarding the plan about national seminar on research with current topics, LIPI to identify potential candidates for Cotutelle LIPI and Macquarie models in order to work with universities (eg ITB, IPB, UI), as well as a trilateral cooperation plan on the Cotutelle LIPI-Macquarie-Indonesian Universities program. The meeting was attended by Ian Sebastian and Endah Handini from Macquarie University Australia and the ICIAR-LIPI Team.

With the signing of the MoU between LIPI and Macquarie University, in Australia, the opportunities for cooperation are more open, especially regarding the strengthening of the capacity of LIPI researchers and scientists in particular, and Indonesia in general. Currently, Macquarie University gives quite a lot of attention and seeks to build cooperation with Indonesia, especially with universities and research institutions. For this institution, research cooperation is a key and main activity. Macquarie is Australia’s first university to implement a cotutelle program in which the program is a collaborative research between academic institutions, research institutes, and other government agencies. This three-layered model was developed into a fairly intensive program of research content. Currently, Macquarie has cooperated with Trisakti University Jakarta and is looking for cooperation opportunities with other universities in Indonesia. In addition to higher education cooperation, ICIAR LIPI also plans to develop a joint workshop program by inviting relevant experts and participants through themes relevant to research needs in Indonesia and Australia. Through this activity, various parties can be more exposed to the program from Macquarie University and ICIAR LIPI, both Master and PhD-based research programs. For the Cotutelle program, especially when the candidates study in Australia, Macquarie University will cover all financing until the program is completed. Meanwhile, the program implementation in Indonesia will be covered by the institutions related.

Follow-up meetings related to ICIAR LIPI cooperation with Macquarie University were held at SWS-LIPI Building Jakarta on 13 November 2017. The meeting aims to follow up on previous meetings with Macquarie University. ICIAR LIPI brings a list of candidates, supervisors from LIPI, potential supervisors at Macquarie University Australia and universities in Indonesia who will work in trilateral cooperation. Dr. Feargel said that the choice of a professor from Macquarie is skilled in the art. The next step, if the supervisors are supportive and willing, the trilateral cooperation meeting between LIPI, Macquarie, and universities in Indonesia will be continued, and it will be followed up with some sort of signing of a cotutelle agreement between candidates and supervisors. Regarding the funding issue, Macquarie said the university would pay for the tuition in Australia, but the conditions required in universities in Indonesia must also be met. The meeting was attended by Dr. Feargal Caley – Macquarie University Australia; Endah D. Handini – Macquarie University Office Jakarta; Purna Sulastya Putra, M.T – Research School Candidates / Puslit Geoteknologi LIPI; Septriono Hari Nugroho, S.T – Research School Candidates / LIPI Inner Research Center; Lengga Pradipta – Research School Candidates / Research Center for Population of LIPI; and ICIAR-LIPI Team.

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