Meeting of LIPI with University of Queensland (UQ) Australia

By May 21, 2018Report

Juli 13, 2017


The meeting was held in the office of PSDR-LIPI Jakarta. Plt Deputy Jasil-LIPI started the meeting by explaining the purpose of the meeting to the UQ team which consists of Prof. Ross and Dr. Wilson and explained about Plan of Action draft prepared by LIPI based on activities that are expected to be implemented in cooperation between LIPI-UQ. Prof. Helen Ross presented important points related to the activities undertaken by LIPI and UQ, such as academic writing program and collaborative research project which has been and will be implemented. Director of ICIAR-LIPI Gadis Sri Haryani conveyed about the planned academic collaboration between LIPI-UQ, which is planned in 4 years of the PhD program, the first 3 years conducted in Indonesia and last year at UQ. Herry Yogaswara explained the need for a determined PIC for each cluster activity according to its substance, main task, and function. Tommy Hendrix explained the activities done by Innovation Center together with institutions in UQ especially School of Business regarding Project of Transfer Technology.

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