Meeting of ICIAR-LIPI in collaboration with Zagreb

By May 21, 2018Report

June 12, 2017


The meeting was held at ICIAR LIPI Meeting Room. The meeting was attended by Irina Rafliana, Ester Rosita, Elin Arum Sari, Nur Tri Aries (BKHH) and Andika (P2MM). There is an offer of cooperation with the nature of the activity in the form of the moility program between LIPI and Zagreb college. To facilitate such cooperation, ICIAR-LIPI was given the role of BKHH-LIPI to become the liaison of cooperation between LIPI and Zagreb. Prof. Dr. Ir. Gadis Sri Haryani (Director of ICIAR LIPI), will be the contact person for this cooperation. Andika (P2MM) is registering the Erasmus Code that is required to work together with Erasmus and to make it easier in the future. He will inform the course fields available in Zagreb.

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