Discussion of LIPI Research School Scheme with LPDP

By May 21, 2018Report

February 28, 2017


The meeting was held in the Integrated Meeting Room of LPDP. It was attended by Eko Prasetyo (President Director), Prof. Dr. Bambang Subiyanto (Deputy Chairman of LIPI), LT. Handoko (Deputy IPT of LIPI), Mokhamad Mahdum (Director of PUPD), Abdul Kahar (Director of DKP), M. Sofwan Effendi (Director DRFP), M. Muadi (LPDP), Nur Rahmawati (LPDP), Dyah Kartiningdyah (LPDP), Idha Nurina (LPDP), Eko Yulianto (Head of Geotechnology Research Center LIPI) and ICIAR-LIPI Team. The meeting was opened by Mr. Eko Prasetyo as Director of LPDP. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the scheme and implementation of the research school program. The deputy Chairman of LIPI, Mr. Bambang Subiyanto introduced ICIAR that was formed in 2009 which intends to build a Research School Program, but it is collided with the regulation that LIPI is not an educational institution that can issue a diploma. Therefore, LIPI wants to collaborate with both national and international universities to support the research school program. This program scheme is a program that wants to synergize what has been running in LIPI on a yearly basis and what is the authority of universities in Indonesia. So far, research only produces results, whereas if it is used for education, we will get the added value of the process of researching. Strategic goals related to the findings for LIPI is to improve nation-based competitiveness research, strengthening research coaching and strengthening research governance. The research is done at LIPI with multi-years research but a diploma from a college.

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