COORDINATION MEETING 2017 “Coordination between ICIAR-LIPI, Inspektorat-LIPI, Puslit Oseanografi and BOSDM-LIPI”

By January 9, 2018Report

February 23, 2017


The meeting was held at Kusnoto Building of LIPI, Bogor and attended by 3 Institutions ie from LIPI Research Center for Oceanography (Emi Hidayati-Head of Subsection Personnel); Inspectorate from LIPI (Dr. Hiskia-Chief Inspectorate of LIPI and Yety Cahyati) and BOSDM-LIPI (Dr. Heru Santoso, M.Appl.Sc-Head of BOSDM and Pure). Prof. Dr. Gadis Sri Haryani started the discussion and explained about the clarity in technical implementation at ICIAR. It was concluded that for the administration and finances of ICIAR activities with budgetary consequences, BOSDM would be involved as a financier. Letter of assignment on the journey of the ICIAR service is issued by the head of a unit of action which is written. All work units are asked to contribute because the ICIAR program is LIPI program.


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