COORDINATION MEETING 2017 “Meeting Regarding Research School Candidate”

By January 9, 2018Report

February 21, 2017


The meeting was held at Kusnoto Building of LIPI, Bogor attended by 2017 Research School candidate along with its head of work unit and the ICIAR Team. At this meeting, the Director of ICIAR-LIPI Prof. Dr. Gadis Sri Haryani explained the Research School’s concept of low-cost and research-based that are aimed at improving competence and research and engineering capacity, oriented towards the production of new knowledge and innovation. One form of cooperation with UNU (United Nation University) is as a platform for the candidates of Research School to explore research topics, such as Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction or are generally associated with Environment and Human Security. Participants were Dr. M. Dokhi (Head of the Center for Social Statistics Studies (PKSS-STIS) and Dr. Tiodora Hadumaon Siagian (PKSS-STIS), Dr. Eko Yulianto (Head LIPI of Research Center for Geotechnology) and Dr. Ganewati Wuryandari (Head of LIPI Research Center for Regional Resources).

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